M.I.L.F.’S beware… Grandma’s Got Some Sauce

My mom is far too young for me to accept that she’s a Grandma. I mean she’s only 23 years older than me. I couldn’t even fathom being a mother in 10 years much less a Grandma in 23! Whatever, she’s got sauce in more ways than one and she aint your average granny! She sent me this recipe and here’s what she had to say about it:

“Peter, our neighbor, had the honor of trying this creation first. Rightfully so as it was his tree that provided the peaches! I think he liked it, because he asked for the recipe.
My mother taught me to use what you have, which is exactly what I did. Tomatoes & peppers from the garden, peaches from the neighbor, clementines bought in season and quite a few spices that I keep in stock.

❤ Mom”

Though I have yet to try it… I don’t ever mess around with my mom and her spices. Last time she made a curry powder that our Indian neighbors were blown away by. She’s also bottled and shared an Herbs De Province and a Tex-Mex (that’s right, Texas stays in the blood baby) blend that kept people asking for more. I guess it’s kinda something you have to do when you’re married to someone who stares ghost peppers in the eyes and makes them cry.

What I love most about this recipe without having the privilege to try it is the emphasis of locally grown and sustainable foods. –One thing I have to sacrifice living in an apartment is the homemade garden my parents built. Nothing says summer like going out to pick bushels of tomatoes and jalapeños and getting giddy because I know some fresh pico is on the way!- Also, I LOVE how  she used agave nectar instead of sugar. Agave is real sugar as opposed to refined table sugar. It’s low on the glycemic index which makes it ideal for those with diabetes.

Intrigued? Here you go! You’re welcome.

Hot Grandma’s Island Spice
1 ½ cup red onion
5 cherry peppers
3 jalapeños
1 Thai chili
1 Tbs coconut oil
1/3 cup dried mangos
1 inch of ginger
6 peaches
6 large tomatoes
1 small clementine sliced small with peel
1 stick cinammon
7 whole cloves
½ cup raw apple cider
1 cardamom seed
½ vanilla bean
1/6 tsp allspice
1 Tbsp Agave nectar
3 bay leaves

Start by:

-Blanching peaches:This loosens their skin and makes them super easy to peel. To do so, put the peaches in the boiling water, making sure they are entirely submerged. Blanch them for 40 seconds. If peaches are slightly under-ripe, allow them to remain in the hot water a little longer—up to a full minute—to loosen their peel, it will also improve their flavor.  This doesn’t always work, but I do like the flavor the peaches have after blanching.

-Blanching Tomatoes: Using tongs or slotted spoon, place tomatoes, a few at a time, into rapidly boiling water. Let tomatoes boil for about 15 to 25 seconds. Skins should just begin to split around the cored area, but take care not to cook the tomatoes.  I take the seeds out of cherry tomatoes because they are like grains.


-When this is done set the tomatoes & peaches in an ice bath for about 5-10 minutes and then peel.

-In a dry pot, melt your coconut oil on medium high heat; Chop your onions, peppers, and sauté until onions are translucent. Add all your spices, when you can smell the spices release their oils, add fruit & tomatoes- everything will start to become liquidy!


-Simmer for as long as you like. I simmered mine for 3 hours, but you only need to simmer for an hour.

-Take out the Bay Leaf, Cinnamon stick, Orange peel and cardamom seed.

-Carefully ladle cooled sauce into the blender. I use a spice blender. You may need to do this step a couple of times as you fill up a Pitcher.


Pour into your favorite bottles!


I think all that’s missing is a cute label!

Stay spicy. Stay fresh. Stay tuned.

Published by Tetofood

Native to The Old North State, taking a bite of The Big Apple. Lover of food, fitness, and frolicking. Working towards food security by way of food rescue.

2 thoughts on “M.I.L.F.’S beware… Grandma’s Got Some Sauce

    1. She definitely is! It’s great to see the generational knowledge about cooking go down the line and pick up new tricks along the way.
      Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more great eats and stories:)

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