Your Vacation Is My Reality

I think it’s tough to say that I live by one motto and one motto only. In fact, I feel like my mottos changes from day to day and depending on the scenario. When it comes to your career it’s safe to say “you must love what you do and do what you love.” Working in a restaurant may seem cliché and not too exciting but I realize that I have some of the best coworkers and with a view like I’ve got it’s hard not to love it. Image

The name of this establishment is The Table at Crestwood. Just as the name implies, we are nestled along the crest of the mountain in the woods of Boone, North Carolina. We were voted one of the “Best Scenic View Restaurants” by Open Table. Our establishment includes “The Table” as well as The Inn. We are a resort restuarant that proudly hosts many weddings and events. I think that’s the beauty of this place. So many good memories are cherished here, so many people come and go from all over the world; many people stay at The Inn or visit us as regulars. Regardless, there is a little piece of love and a bit of bliss that remains with each visit. The new faces and new beginnings mingle with the Moberg family legacy.

Crestwood was originally the summer home of Mr. Claus Moberg and his family. It was designed by him just as many of the surrounding buildings in the community were. Mr. Moberg was an architect at The Yale School of Architecture and presented us with his keen eye for capturing rustic, contemporary, country-living. In 2004, the home was expanded with the addition of The Inn, The Table, The Spa, and other villas. As the original structure remains it’s a pleasure to literally have one foot in 1948 and one in 2004. 



The Table’s menu is a collection of southern comforts with a modern flair. Every day menu items include Shrimp-n-Grits, Chicken-n-Waffles, as well as the signature “Moburger”. The Moburger is a creation by none other than Mr. Mobure. It features a brisket filet burger topped with caramelized onions, bacon, gaelic ale, lettuce and tomato all amongst a pretzel bun. However, the spotlight turns to our recent fresh catch. A pan seared tuna that screams decadence.



If this didn’t make you spew tears of culinary joy, you’re doing it wrong. The meat is tender, the sauce is spicy, and the pairing of the two is perfection. First things first: the meat. This yellowfin tuna is some of the best meat our chef has seen come through the kitchen and some of the best I’ve had the privilege of savoring. 

As a child I was not much of a seafood eater as I watched my brother scarf down shrimp scampi and hated the smell of a fish market after playing all day outside. But, THIS, this is something different. Good tuna should be served rare and this is definitely rare in more ways than one. Biting into this melts your soul. The seasoning is a spicy creole that coats the steak and crunches slightly when pan seared. 

Served atop a bed of white rice and asian slaw the pairing brings a spicy asian flair… and I’m all about that ish. The asian slaw substitutes red cabbage for white cabbage and is mixed with sesame seed, and a tangy sauce (I can’t give away too many secrets). On the side you have pickled ginger, wasabi, and wait for it… wait for it…. sirachi soy sauce! YES. As if the dish couldn’t get any better they put the sauce of the gods in the soy sauce to make that puppy burn. And burn it will. If you try this dish it’s sure to burn a memory in your mind. And while you’re at it you can get your fix of omega-3’s and selenoneine. The first you may already know helps lower blood pressure as well as contribute to anti-inflammation. The latter is a naturally occurring antioxidant in fish. To them, it’s protection against free radicals and mercury toxins. To us, it helps prevent the chance of being poisoned by the mercury!


Come out to The Table at Crestwood any Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and you just might see me there! Let me help make your vacation one to remember by taking a peak into my reality:)