Fails and Tales

Days 26 & 27: Yesterday was quite a busy day. It was full of a few fails, like my attempts to PR, make a proper omelet, or how I forgot ginger in my crockpot curry. But at last, it was full of many tales. Many short wonders and joys that make the city so rich. After a long day studying, writing papers, working out, and working, I was reminded of the simple things in life on my subway ride home.

I sat and talked to and played peek-a-boo with a young toddler who was with her parents on their ride home, at midnight. Sure, she was a little cranky, who wouldn’t be? But she, nonetheless, was exuberant with joy. She said hello to everyone that walked onto the subway. She invited other strangers to play peek-a-boo, and she represented life’s innocence. She may have cried a couple times because she was tired but she teaches a message to all us working and pre-occupied adults, just relax.

Sure, you don’t have to play peek-a-boo with strangers. In fact, please don’t. But, if you just focus on the moment and how lucky you are to be in that moment, you will experience a much greater joy than happiness alone.

Breakfast: day 26
Omlette fail with spinach, turkey bacon, and a side of kiwi
2 eggs
-3 tbs egg whites
-2 cups spinach
-2 strips turkey bacon
-1 kiwi
-1 tsp coconut oil
*cook the turkey bacon and spinach together. set aside. Whisk egg and egg whites together. melt coconut oil in pan and pour eggs in. let cook and then put toppings on one half. Fold over. Serve with kiwi
Lunch: day 26
Failed crockpot curry with cauliflower rice (this recipe made 3 servings)
-2 chicken breasts
-1 cup butternut squash
-1 cup broccoli
-1 can coconut milk
-1 small can (33g) of tomato paste
-1/4 cup water
-2 tbs curry powder
-1 tsp chili powder
-Juice of 1 lime
for cauliflower rice
-1 head of cauliflower
*I made this recipe over night and dumped everything in and let sit for 8 hours on low. I FORGOT GINGER so please add ginger to your recipe, please. It’s crucial. When I woke up in the morning I portioned off the curry into 3 containers and made the cauliflower rice by simple placing florets into a blender and pulsing. Then I garnished with half of an avocado because I love avo.

Dinner: day 26
do not try this at home!!!! I did not have dinner until midnight….
-1/4 cup of dry raw cashews
-leftover “stuffing” from acorn squash recipe (about 1 cup)
-10 plantain chips from trader joes

Snacks: day 26
-1 hard boiled egg (pre-workout)
-1 date (pre-workout)
-handful of goji berries
-pale protein coffee


Carbohydrates: 28%
Fat: 44%
Protein: 28%
Calories: 1,977

Workout: day 26
strip press 2-2-2-2-2 @ 75#
deadlift 1-1-1-1-1 ending at 245#
Deadlifts 115#
lateral bar burpees
11:23 time

Breakfast: Day 27
Twice baked sweet potato
-1 small sweet potato
-2 strips turkey bacon
-1 cup spinach
-1 egg
-1 tsp ghee
*Microwave sweet potato until ALMOST cooked through. Preheat oven to 400. Remove sweet potato and smash open, stuff with spinach and top with bacon. Meanwhile, fry and egg in a skillet.
Lunch: day 27
Avocado tuna salad with mixed greens
-1/2 avocado
-1 can of tuna
-1 tsp tahini
-1 TBS stone ground mustard
-couple shakes of cayenne
-salt and pepper
-2 cups mixed greens
*mix everything except greens together. Serve on top of greens

Lunch #2: Day 27
Salmon “burger” no bun with avocado and side of kale
-4 oz salmon
-1/4 avocado
-1 cup kale
-2 slices of tomato
-2 slices of cucumber
-grilled onions
*I ordered this from the Civil Service Cafe in Brooklyn. I spent roughly 5 hours here and realized I needed more fuel for my workout. That, and I was running at a thousand calorie deficit even with dinner later included.

Dinner: Day 27
Leftover Curry with Cauliflower

-1 boiled egg
-1 scoop egg white protein
-1 kiwi
-1/8 cup almonds


Back squat volume
10 @ 50%
10 @ 55%
10+ @ 60%
Metcon 1
15 reps of the following  AFAP
thrusters (65#)
push jerks
overhead squats
front squats
*at the the top of every minute do 3 burpees
Metcon 2
minute 0-10:00
mile run
max clean and jerks at 95#
10:00-13:00 REST
800 m run
max power snatch at 75#
20:00-23:00 REST
400m run
max thrusters at 65#
Cool down
10, 9, 8….1
turkish get-ups

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