Poll Party

Day 29: It’s Election Day and I got to experience the wide range of emotions attached to this day from a city so flourished in culture. I was able to examine the magnitude of a day like today and how so many different lives will be impacted in so many different ways. Regardless of your political standpoint, I think it can be unanimously agreed that the outcome of very many resides in the power of a select few. Fingers crossed and godspeed.

Hash with Turmeric Scrambled Egg Whites
3 strips turkey bacon
-6 tbs egg whites
-1 cup of spinach
-1/2 cup of frozen broccoli
-1/2 bell pepper
-1 tsp coconut oil
-1 tsp turmeric
-1 kiwi
*Slice turkey bacon and cook together with bell pepper and frozen broccoli. Once cooked add spinach until wilted. Because turkey bacon has very little fat I had to add coconut oil to get the vegetables to sautee. Then remove from pan and cook egg whites, once almost done sprinkle on turmeric.

Quite literally, the BEST employee meal I’ve ever had at work!!!!
1/3 of a chicken breast with cashew cream marsala…. like…. come on now chef, you can’t do me like that. It was a recipe similar to this one but with cashew cream instead of coconut.
-4 pieces of grilled vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, and red pepper) WHAT?!!?!!?
-3 slices of roasted potaoes

Leftover HelloFresh Salmon Parcel

Bubbas Fine Foods Righteous Ranch aka CRACK. be careful. I had to hide this from myself….
-1 banana (post-workout)

Carbohydrates: 35%
Fat: 46%
Protein: 19%
Calories: 2037

5×3 Back squat (1 and 1/4 rep @ 80%)
3×14 unbroken power cleans @35%
4 min AMRAP of Fran
4 min rest
4 min AMRAP of Diane
4 min rest
4 min AMRAP of Grace
8 min EMOM
even: AMRAP burpee box jumps
odd: rest


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