The end of the world…

Day 30: Jk… maybe. Today is the end of the Whole30. I made it! Round two was my bitch. To be honest, it’s been a smooth ride. I still have stress and I’m still often tired, but those can be attributed to external factors like lack of sleep or school work. Often those external factors influence my emotion, which influences my cravings but that’s okay and I’m aware of that. My emotions HEAVILY influence my cravings, but being aware of that can help to get a better hold of the sugar devil because yes, sugar is the devil.

Some things to take away from this challenge and to remember as I continue on with the 21 Day Healthy Habits Challenge at my gym:
1. Paleo baked goods and other mock foods are just like SWYPO (sex with your pants on), don’t even try it but if you have to, just remember what you’re really after and why.
2. Getting calories in is not as important as getting a good balance of macros and micronutrients within those calories. Variety, distribution, and content are all dependent on individual needs for an individual person on an individual day. Some days I need more carbs, others I need more protein. Balance is key.
3.  Enjoy your food. Remember where it came from, how you made it, and how it’s nurturing your body.
4. Treat food as exactly that, nourishment. You are what you eat. Eat to perform.
5. Have fun. Try new things.

With that, here was my last day.
Pre-workout (6am)
-1 hard boiled egg
-1 date
-handful of bubbas fine foods
– paleo protein coffee
-half of an avocado
-half of a banana

-leftovers from yesterday’s employee meal. Still, equally delicious and amazing.

-leftover crockpot curry

And there you have it, nothing fancy. No pictures. Nothing new. You know why? because all of this seemed so normal today. It felt like routine and not like a production. I still have passion in making my food pretty, but I also have passion for making things work and ensuring I get adequate nutrition on the go. I did it! Boom. Done.

Carbohydrates: 25%
Fat: 56%
Protein: 19%
Calories: 1707

800m sprint
15 jumping squats
10 banded walks
10 banded flys
10 explosive push-ups
2 Turkish get-ups
1-minute pigeon pose
400m sprint
15 jumping squats
10 banded walks
10 banded flys
10 explosive push-ups
2 Turkish get-ups
1 minute down dog
2 rds
10 ring dips
15 squat jumps
15 t2b
30 dubs
5×3 overhead squat at 125
1….2…3…4….etc for 8 minutes of

peace and blessings and happy Whole30ing y’all

Published by Tetofood

Native to The Old North State, taking a bite of The Big Apple. Lover of food, fitness, and frolicking. Working towards food security by way of food rescue.

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