To Each Their Own is a visual representation of different dishes, foods, and surroundings from around the world that exhibit cultural customs and expression. Each chef/cook has their own methods of harvesting and delivering meals that will be both aesthetically pleasing, and flavorful. Inspiration may come from the area around you, childhood memories, or a recent event. Regardless, food is the fusion of all societies. Around food we create a community. During holidays, special events, or family dinners, food is something we all enjoy. However, what is often missed is how it got to us. We seem to lose track of the art and complexity of culinary creations. Who made it? What did it mean to them?  It is my mission to uncover the passion and motive in some of my favorite dishes to further inspire my culinary adventure as well as those around me. Enjoy this expedition as I explore the world and the food along the way!


Good food. Good friends. Good travels.



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