Week of 4.27

Rainbows have offered a sense of hope in an uncertain, and for many, gloomy time. Home-bound residents display their colorful arts and crafts in windowpanes across the city, state, country and world. It offers families an opportunity to create something safely inside, and fo people that are walking outside for essentially, something to look for.Continue reading “Week of 4.27”

Trick AND Treat

Day 21: Today I received a loving package of food out of the kindness of my mother’s heart. Among items in this package were paleo kitchen staples like coconut cream and almond flour. However, a non-staple item that my mom decided to send me was a box of a dozen cookies. I KNOW RIGHT?! how rude.Continue reading “Trick AND Treat”

Fall is in the air

Day 13: I woke up today groggy, as you could see from my post this morning in regards to last night… never again. That didn’t stop me from wanting to go for a run. The air was crisp, wind was blowing, and the leaves were on the ground. Autumn is my favorite seaso, therefore, beingContinue reading “Fall is in the air”

Kickin’ the moment

Day 10: Today was an off day, I must say. But let’s start from the beginning. My breakfast was AMAZINGGGG thanks to BravoPaleo and this tantalizing recipe. I’m almost felt like I was cheating on this one, that’s how “good” it was. I think it’s probably because since the start of Whole30 I haven’t hadContinue reading “Kickin’ the moment”

Angel vs. Devil

Day 9: Sickness still lurks like a peeping Tom, but I will not let it win. I skipped the gym today and used that time to work on school work. Aside from breakfast, today was rather boring. I repeated yesterday’s meals. Initially, I’ve been somewhat hesitant to repeat meals. Afterall, Whole30 s about including varietyContinue reading “Angel vs. Devil”


Day 8: Finally, a day off. I feel sickness creeping in. Perhaps that is due in part to my irregular sleeping pattern and long days. But as The Whole30 Timeline describes it, this is pretty normal. Right now, my face feels like it’s draining itself and I want to collapse into my own lap. I’m dreamingContinue reading “Therapy”

“How do you have time to blog?”

Day 5: I love routine. I love to have a schedule in which I can fit in my workouts, ROMWOD, homework, downtime, and work. But with a constantly varying work schedule, routine doesn’t always love me. I’m here to say, THATS OKAY. If you want something, you make it work for you. I have beenContinue reading ““How do you have time to blog?””

On the go

Day 4: It is totally possible to do Whole30 and go to grad school, work, go to CrossFit and commute to all of those because you live in the city ALL while maintaining a budget… but it’s not easy. I am exhausted. Maybe I’m detoxing. Maybe I’m craving sugar. Maybe I need more sleep. Maybe I needContinue reading “On the go”

The Purge

Oh boy. The first day. Let me begin by saying that I was totally ill prepared for today. After arriving back home in Brooklyn last night, I came home to a barren ¬†and nearly empty cabinets. (No, my house was not raided) I always use all of my food before leaving for vacation so thisContinue reading “The Purge”