Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Don’t @ me. But truly, the only thing better than Thanksgiving is the leftovers you can make. Speaking of recipes, the muesli bread I made last week made some BOMB french toast from this recipe. I also turned it into a pretty zesty grilled cheese with the leftovers from theContinue reading “Thanksgiving!”

Week of 11.30

Post-holiday prep! This week, as with last week, I wanted to change up the flavors that were present in my traditional thanksgiving meal. However, being very on “brand” I wanted to use up any and all leftover from Thanksgiving. My breakfast was inspired by leftover cranberry sauce! I also had some leftover rice from theContinue reading “Week of 11.30”

Muesli Bread!

Full disclosure: this is my FIRST time ever making a loaf of bread using yeast. Sure, I’ve made banana “bread” and other bread-like goods, but my leavening agents have always been eggs or baking soda. This recipe is definitely a keeper! I spoke with a friend recently about the science of baking and the artContinue reading “Muesli Bread!”

Week of 11.23

It’s a holiday week! One of the ways to combat food waste in the house to is to plan ahead for days when you know you might be eating out. In this case, I KNOW there will be Thanksgiving leftovers. Besides, I think the only thing better than actual Thanksgiving is the leftover creations youContinue reading “Week of 11.23”

S’more hot tub

These s’more brownies are just cutest ‘lil things. They remind me of childhood when I sued to eat one limb of a teddy graham at a time. These are easy to make and fun for all audiences. You could also opt to place the brownie batter in a 9 x 9 pan and slice toContinue reading “S’more hot tub”

Week of 11.16

Harvest Season is upon us. At work, that means it’s the busiest time of year. Obviously things look a bit different this time around. What normally consists of large special events for fundraising, multiple off-site projects, and the flood of interest to volunteer during the holidays, has primarily been moved virtual. Virtual doesn’t always meanContinue reading “Week of 11.16”

Week of 11.9

Parents in town! Because of COVID that means that they were staying with me in my apartment, with our family dog. Yep. Four people and two dogs in a one-bedroom NYC apartment. YAY! If you remember back when I was in North Carolina, I was cooking for the entire crew. Naturally, that meant my momContinue reading “Week of 11.9”

Week of 11.2

Anxiety. The buzzword of the day, week, year. It’s Election Day week in the United States and tension is high. Along with the uncertainty of being in the middle of a pandemic, we rounded the corner of Halloween, a full moon, and daylight savings this week. Whatever feelings you’re feeling, they are real. Because ofContinue reading “Week of 11.2”